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Concrete Batch Plant Upgrade


Hanson Construction Materials


Karratha, Western Australia

From project concept, we worked with the client to scope their requirements then design and document the concrete plant upgrade. We worked extensively with the client’s project manager to ensure contractors complied with quality standards and adhered to the design. Working in close collaboration with the client throughout the project ensured the project outcome matched the clients expectations.

This entire project was extremely rewarding for everyone involved, as the upgraded plant won a number of awards. Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia awarded the finished plant; Environmental Best Performance in the “Concrete Country” category.  Traditionally industry in the Pilbara has had very limited controls in place in regards to Environmental Issues. Hanson’s focus was Water Management, Materials Handling, Dust Control and Visual Presentation. Water management was designed to maximise harvest of wastewater for conditioning of materials.

The upgraded plant also won Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia’s Occupational Health & Safety Best Performance award in the “Concrete” category. The winning entry was based on best practice safety elements incorporated into the design and build of the new plant. Areas of risk were identified and engineering controls put in place to minimise them. Examples include moving parts (conveyor system); silo storage (fill controls, filter systems, overfill alarms, silo discharge controls), evacuation alarms (located in risk areas); shade sails quick release (located at ground level); and the design of the new cross over at site entry, eliminating previous hazards of transport vehicle movement to and from site.

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