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Kangaroo Hill Kitchen Diner Upgrade to Cyclone Refuge


Hamersley Iron


Dampier, Western Australia

We provided structural design and documentation to enable the existing kitchen diner to be upgraded for use as a refuge during a cyclone event. There were a number of important considerations when undertaking the design, not least of which was the exposed location on a hill above the Port of Dampier. The ground conditions around the diner are not the best due to the large quantity of fine ‘cracker dust’ used to build the area up. It was imperative the design be completed such that impact of the upgrade on the diner’s operations would be minimised.

The final design added a portal frame structure around and over the existing structure. The fabric of the existing structure at exposed faces was upgraded by installing additional sheets of 12mm structural ply between the external cladding and the building frames. The installation of backup generators and additional toilets that are accessible without leaving the main building was crucial to the building being able to fulfil its intended purpose as a refuge for an extended period of time during a cyclone event.

Providing facilities of importance level 4 as per AS1170.2:2011 is an extensive undertaking and one with serious ramifications. This structure must not only withstand a cyclone event, but provide shelter to the people taking refuge inside. It must then remain functional for the inevitable clean-up and resumption of day to day operations at the village. This structure now meets those requirements and provides the capacity for residents of the village to safely take refuge in the kitchen diner during cyclone events.

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